Yuna Gunner ver. [FFX-2]


Final Fantasy is the best video game EVER ! :haha: Final Fantasy X was my first Final fantasy, and I LOVE IT ! !!!! The story was awesome, I played it two or three times ! So when I saw Final Fantasy X-2, I bought it XD But the story wasn’t as good ad the X… =/

Anyways, I really love Yuna.. She is the first character I wanted to cosplay ! So I tried it with old clothes and it was aweful !! XD So I drop this project…. Later, when my sewing skills evolved ( I got my sewing machine ) I decided to take this project back, and I remade it.

This is version 2 of my Yuna gunner ver. cosplay, but I can do better, I did it quite quickly because I needed it for Japan expo. I will make a version 3 because Yuna really is one of my favourite character and I want my cosplay to be as good as possible !

Yuna sumonner is also part of my futur project… So wait and see ! 😉


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