Paddra Nsu Yeul [ FFXIII-2 ]

Final fantasy is my favourite video game… EVER !! Final Fantasy XIII-2 is the following of Final fantasy XIII. I had this game at home but I didn’t play it yet, I don’t really have time !

Since I really love Final Fantasy, and my friend Ryuu seika wanted to cosplay Serah in FFXIII-2 version, she asked me to cosplay with her, so she convinced me to make Yeul’s cosplay. I don’t regret this choice because Yeul is really beautiful, and her outfil is original ! A little like Vanille‘s one xD

It was hard to make the color of the skirt, and also the lacing on the arms. But I got through it XD
I didn’t make the boots because I didn’t find some similars… And I didn’t had time to make it :/ I’ll try to do it later !

I absolutely love this cosplay, I only wore it one time, but I will do a lot of photoshoot with it ! I really love Yeul, so more photoshoot will be coming =)

Events : – Epitanime 2012

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