Tifa Lockhart [FFVII]


Final fantasy is the best video game EVER !!! I never played to Final Fantasy VII, but I love the characters ! I saw the movie Advent Children and I liked it. Tifa is a beautiful character and she’s very strong, I like that !

I decided to make her cosplay since I had the fabrics ( I made a cosplay for a friend, and there were fabrics left ) so it was a good opportunity to do her. Wen I started cosplay, I wondered myself which cosplay could I do, and I thought about Tifa, but maybe she was too « adult » for me =/

Then I tried ! The cosplay wasn’t really difficult ( I took Black Rock Shooter‘s short and gloves ), the hardest part was to sew the fabrics with the sewing machine ! I think I broke more that 5 needles !

I didn’t use a wig, because my hair was enough long, and Tifa wasn’t my priority… But I love the result although ! She becames one of my favourites too =)


Event : – Paris Manga 2012


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