Sakura Card Captor

Card Captor Sakura was propably my fist anime, I started to watch it when I was a kid, and I already love her very much ! She is really Cute and had a funny personality. When I was younger, I wished I could had magic power like her XD

Then, my sister told me to make her cosplay, and when I saw this version of Sakura, I really liked it, so I tried it. I’m glad of the result, this version is like an angel, all white, with wings.. XD And the wig fits me !! So I’m satisfied of this cosplay =)

The cosplay isn’t complete, I don’t have the flowers, and I think I’ll remake the stars ( I didn’t have shinny white paper… Only blue =( )

I wore this cosplay only once, and I’ll do photoshoot with it of course ! =)

Events : – Japan expo 2012

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