Oerba Dia Vanille [FFXIII]

Final fantasy is my favourite video game… EVER !! When I saw FFXIII, I love the graphism, it was beautiful !! Then I played to te video game, the story was ok, but the characters were magnifiscent ! First I didn’t choose to make a FFXIII cosplay, but then my friend Ryuu Seika did Serah, so I decided to make Vanille to cosplay with her.

The hardest part of this cosplay was the pearl… Do you know how many pearls does she has ? Wellneither do I XD I past hours and hours making this little pearls… !! But lucky me, I had few friends which helped me =) a big thanks to them !!

I love this cosplay, but sometimes I think Vanille doesn’t really fit to me, because she really has an european face, and my wig make my face really round… XD Anyways, I still have this cosplay, but I will not wear it before a while !


Events :
– Paris manga 2011
– Harajuku 2011


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