Mio Akiyama [K-On!]


K-On! is one of my favourite anime, because it makes me smile all the time ! I love the songs, and the characters are lovely. The story is simple, and sometimes I want to be like them ! That’s why I wanted to make Mio Akiyama’s cosplay, and her ending version was pretty =) I liked it so I did it.

Mio is a very shy girl, she is taller than her friends, had black hairs… And I thought I look like her ( as personality and a little physically )

The dress has been remade, this is the version 2 ! The dress was simple to do, with a sewing machine =)
The first shoot with Digitalshot was with Mio’s cosplay, and that’s how we became a photograph/cosplayer team ! =D


Event :
– Japan expo 2010 ( with the old version )



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