Miku Christmas [Vocaloid]


This is my third version of Miku Hatsune, I really love Miku, she is one of my favourite character ! We decided to make this cosplay with my friends Sabrina ( as Luka Megurine ) and Méyu ( as Rin Kagamine ). We wanted to cosplay together, and as it was christmas, we decided to make Christmas Vocaloid !

I sewed all the cosplay with my hands !! But it was funny since we did it all together, helping each other ! Ayaya, I miss that ! =)

This version of Christmas isn’t the official one, I design it with my friends ( I tried to find a picture close to my cosplay ). I sold the cosplay so I won’t do more photoshoot with this cosplay =/ But I still remerber the beautiful moments I had with this cosplay !


Event : Paris Cosplay 2011



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