Chobits – Red Queen

This is my first cosplay of Chii, I did it for Japan expo 2012 with my friend Ryuu Seika. We decided to make the two sister chobits and do a cosplay scene conteste together ! [ It was a disaster XD but really funny ! ]. And also, the chii ears was made by her, she gave them to me as a gift. How sweet, doesn’t she ? =D

I choose this version because I looooove crowns ! And I had the fabrics so… x) It’s funny because I’m more like cute light colors usually, and my friend more dark colors, and we switch XD

When I did this cosplay, I was quite proud of the corset because it was my first one ! Even if I don’t really think that this cosplay fit me =(

Events : – Japan Expo 2012

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