Black Rock Shooter


Black Rock Shooter is a cold character, and it was a challenge to cosplay her since I don’t really know how to act like her or look like a killer… XD I’m more like joy, smile and kawai style ! :hehe:

I really love this character, especially the design. I never did a cosplay like that before, so i told myself why not ? Black Rock shooter is a little girl with an innocent face, not sexy… And I look like a little girl, and I’m not sexy XD… So few days later it was on my cosplay projects XD

I also watched the OAV but it wasn’t that good… But the graphism was pretty :’)

Anyways, I just did a little photoshoot of this cosplay, and with DigitalShot  we planned another photoshoot ! I hope you’ll like it ! So wait and see =D





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