Asuna [ SAO ]


At first, I didn’t know this anime, since I was kind of a busy person, I kind of stopped watching anime, reading manga…
But then, a friend of mine really insisted on this anime, saying Sword Art Online is soooo awesome !!
He conviced me to watch it, and honestly I LOVED IT !

At that time, the season 1 wasn’t finished yet, so I was waiting for each episode every saturday… xD
I falled in love with the character Asuna, I really love her ! She’s so sweet, and funny ! So I  decided to cosplay her.
At that periode, I really was in to it ! I wanted to be Asuna so hard xD I tried to do my best, even if the cosplay isn’t perfect, I think I’ll try to upgrade the armbands, the socks and maybe the sword later 🙂

For now, this is my favourite cosplay, mostly because I love Asuna, but also because it’s the first I did armors and a sword ! It was very interesting to make them.


Photos are still coming !

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