01st Nov 2017

[Review] Wig – Fuschia red – 110cm

Hello everyone ! How are you ?? 😀 I’m back with a review of another wig from TaobaoRing  ! <3   What is Taobao Ring ? First you have to know what...

02nd Avr 2017

[Review] Cosplay – Kotori Minami (police version) from LoveLive!

Hello everyone ! Today I’m going to write a review of Kotori Minami‘s police outfit from LoveLive! 🙂 This cosplay is sponsored by RoleCosplay 🙂 They have a website here and a Facebook...

19th Mar 2017

[Review] Wig – Ice blue – 100cm

Hello everyone ! I’ve decided to update my website so I would be to make review about wigs, cosplay, make-up… I hope you will like it 😀 ! So I’m...

12th Juin 2014

Yumi is back !

Hello everyone, it’s been a very loooooong time !!! I’m sorry about that, I had a tough year, with my study ! That’s why I stopped cosplay for a while…...

07th Mar 2013

First photo of my Asuna !

Yeah ! It was exhausting, but I did twp shoot photos of Asuna ! 😀 Here is a preview of the two shoots ! I’m very happy of the result...

04th Mar 2013

Last WIP of Asuna

Hello everyone ! Here’s the last work in progress photos of my Asuna cosplay from Sword Art Online ! I forgot to post them 🙂 Enjoy !

04th Mar 2013

Preview of Asuna’s shooting photo

Hello everyone ! Long time no see 😀 Today, I did a photoshoot of my Asuna’s cosplay ! Yep, this cosplay finally ends up !  XD It’s been a while...

16th Jan 2013

[16/01/2013] Asuna’s cosplay progress

Hello everyone ! First I want to say to you a HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! XD Long time no see ! I avanced my Asuna’s cosplay, here’s some works in...

16th Jan 2013

[Cosplay video] Hello, How are you ? – Miku Hatsune

Hello everyone ! I did a video to thank you for the 3000 likes on my facebook page ! 😀 It makes me very happy ! I know, It’s not...

02nd Déc 2012

Tips for Asuna cosplay [session 01/ English]

\(^▽^*) Hello everyone ! Long time no see !  (*^▽^)/ PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE !  I promised you some tips about my Asuna‘s cosplay from Sword Art Online, so here it...