[Review] Wig – Fuschia red – 110cm

Hello everyone ! How are you ?? 😀

I’m back with a review of another wig from TaobaoRing  ! <3


What is Taobao Ring ? First you have to know what is Taobao : Taobao is a chinese website where you can find everything you want like cosplays, wigs, foam etc… So it’s like a paradise for cosplayers since the price is very cheap, there is a lot of choice, and you can almost find everything you want !!

BUT ! The problem is : it’s a chinese website, so you can only search items if you can read/write chinese, AND ! They only ship to China…

The solution  ? Make your order with a Taobao agent, which can help you find your item, make your order on Taobao, receive it in China for you, and ship it to your home ! Isn’t that great ? 😀


So ! Let’s start the review ! I ordered this wig to make Celica from Fire Emblem


1) Quality of the wig :

Color :

Wig 02

The wig has a beautiful color composed of mixed fuschia pink and red fibers, sadly I was hoping for a pure red color and not mixed pink/red color for Celica, so I’m a little dissapoited about that 🙁

Item Taobao


Lenght :

The wig is about 110 cm, which is really long (most wigs are typically 100cm) : which is great for styling (in my case, I wanted to curl it)

Wig 01

Thickness :

This wig is really thick as you can see on the photo :  there is a lot of hair !! It definetely has enough hair to cover the wig cap !

image 4



Fibers :

The fibers of the hair are very smooth, they tangles a little because it’s a very long wig, but you can comb it really easily !

Wig cap :

image 2

As you can see : the wig cap is made of lace, and very expandable.


2) Shipping :

It ordered the wig the 22/08/2017 and it cames the 13/09/2017 ! So the wig took about 20 days to arrive in France ! Which is actually very fast for a China-France shipment !

I also got photos of the item on the TaobaoRing website before the shipment, very great service !


3) Seller :

TaobaoRing are a very nice Taobao Agent : they are available on facebook or on their website to answer your questions, help you to order on Taobao, and help you find your items !

Also, they provide you a great follow up on your order : they notice you when they receive the order and send you photos of your item. Then, they prepare the packadge and notice you when it’s ready to be ship to your home !

In my experience : they were very nice to me, and their service were perfect !


4) Price :

This wig is 122 yuans so about 20 dollars  (approx : 17€) ! I usually pay no more that 15/20€ per long wig, so it’s a good price since it’s a great smooth and thick wig !


5) Conclusion :

– Quality : 4,5/5
– Shipping : 5/5
– Seller : 5/5
– Price : 5/5

Total score : 19,5/20 

I really recommand TaobaoRing ! They are very nice and professional. I was just a little disappointed of the color (I don’t know if I really can use it for Celica), but except that, every thing was perfect !! I definately will order again !! 🙂 <3

Kisses <3


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