[Review] Cosplay – Kotori Minami (police version) from LoveLive!

Hello everyone ! Today I’m going to write a review of Kotori Minami‘s police outfit from LoveLive! 🙂

This cosplay is sponsored by RoleCosplay 🙂 They have a website here and a Facebook page here, feel free to visit them ! 😀

Let’s start 😉 !

review rolecosplay


1) Quality of the costume :
The cosplay includes : the bow hair accessory, the tie, the dress with the bow on the side and the belt (I also got the hat and the socks but they told me they were optional). I have to say that I had high expectations for this cosplay, so overall I’m a bit disappointed with the quality of the costume, I will explain you why :

A – The fabrics :
The outfit is overall made of polyester (like most of cosplays you can find on internet cosplaystore)


B – The shape :
It has a little weird shape, like very straight, it really doesn’t follow your waist line, so I had to arrange it myself (but I usually do it for cosplays that I didn’t made myself, because everyone has a different body, so I understand that it won’t 100% fit me)

C – The details :
Overall I like the dress, as you can see the details here :

review RC 2

But I’m not a big fan of the hat and the socks , here they are :

review accessories

The socks are too big and straight, and the hat isn’t the same color as the dress.


2 – The size

I took the size M and the dress is a little large for me (I’m about 88 – 68 – 92 cm), but it wasn’t hard to fix, and it’s normal that the cosplay doesn’t fit me 100%.


3 – Accuracy of the outfit

The cosplay isn’t really accurate to the photos on the website as you can see there : the lace on the dress is really different !

rolecosplay accuracy

You can also notice that the hat isn’t the same, and the gloves on the photo aren’t included in the package ! Overall the rest of the dress (except the lace part) is more or less accurate to the photo, and to the original outfit 🙂


4) The seller

Rolecosplay is a very kind seller, they have a great communication (mostly on Facebook) : they answer to your messages and questions everyday (except the weekend), and are always ready to help, which make them a really great seller !


5) The shipping

I received the cosplay within 3 weeks, so the shipping is ok ! The cosplay wasn’t damaged at all 🙂 !


6) The price

The price of this cosplay is around 86 dollars on their website :

rolecosplay price

But I think it’s a bit expensive for the quality of the cosplay (even if it seems to be on sale),  but their provide good service so…


7) Conclusion



– Quality of the cosplay : 3/5
– Size of the dress and the accessories  : 3/5
– Accuracy of the cosplay : 3/5
– Shipping : 5/5
– Seller : 5/5
– Price : 2/5

Overall : 14/20 

I hope you liked my review, more reviews are coming soon, don’t hesitate to tell me what you think 😉 See you soon ! <3

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