[Review] Wig – Ice blue – 100cm

Hello everyone ! I’ve decided to update my website so I would be to make review about wigs, cosplay, make-up… I hope you will like it 😀 !

So I’m going to begin with a wig review from Aosler Store, I got the wig on aliexpress, here’s the link if you’re interested :3


1) Quality of the wig :

Color : the wig has a beautiful light blue color, it’s composed of white and blue fibers, so the wig looks more pastelish than « flashy light blue ».

Length : 80cm or 100cm (I picked 100cm)

Thickness : the wig is not thin, but not too thick either, it has enought hair so you can’t see the wigcap on the back.

Fibers : the fibers are soft, but it tangles easily since it’s a long wig. Hopefully, the wig comes with a very cute comb, so you can take care of uyour wig 😀 !

review wig 03


2) Shipping :

The wig came pretty fast, the seller sent it the 14th of february, and I received it the  1st of march, so about 2 weeks ! 😀

review wig 04 .jpg


3) Seller :

The seller is Aosler Store, an Aliexpress seller, and he is really nice ! I recommend this seller ! Also, he replies very quickly, about once everyday (maybe except the week ends) 🙂

review ice blue wig 02


4) Price :

The wig is about 16€ (for 80cm) and 17€ (for 100cm) and I think it’s a good price since the color is not really common on internet (there is a lot of light blue wigs on internet, but most of them are only composed of blue fibers, which make them very fake and shiny >___<)


5) Conclusion :

– Quality : 4,5/5
– Shipping : 5/5
– Seller : 5/5
– Price : 4,5/5

Total score : 19/20 

 Review Ice blue wig 01


I really recommend this wig ! It’s perfect if you want to cosplay Kula Diamond from King of Fighters, Azura from Fire Emblem Fates (artwork’s color +++) and many more 😀

A big thanks to Aosler store for letting me review one of their wig !! 😀

I hope my review was useful ! 🙂 Thank you for reading, and see you next time 😉 !

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