Yumi is back !

Hello everyone, it’s been a very loooooong time !!!
I’m sorry about that, I had a tough year, with my study ! That’s why I stopped cosplay for a while…
But I’m back haha ! I have so much things to do… like update my website xD

This month of June is cosplay ruuuush ! Japan expo is coming soon ! And I can’t wait 🙂
(Hope I will have the time to finish my cosplays haha)

Just a little preview of my Kasumi cosplay I just finished yesterday :

kasumi wip final

Hope you like it !

I’m really tired these days (cosplay rush.. makes me sleep at 5:00 AM >___< )
If you’re coming to Japan expo, let me know ! I would be glad to meet you 🙂

Oh and also, don »t hésitate to ask me questions if you had some 🙂

See you next time !

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