[16/01/2013] Asuna’s cosplay progress

Hello everyone ! First I want to say to you a HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! XD

Long time no see ! I avanced my Asuna’s cosplay, here’s some works in progress or done !

So here is the arm bands :

And I made the top again : ( yeah I know… I’m crazy XD )


For those who are asking, I don’t have time to continue the « mini tips » for Asuna’s cosplay,
since my cosplay is not finished yet 🙁 Sorry !
I’ll do it as soon as I can I promise ! >___<


2 Responses to “[16/01/2013] Asuna’s cosplay progress

  • Wow! Your cosplay is very amazing! I’m planning on using your cosplay as my references on my asuna! I love how your arm bands are the perfect size (many I have seen are on the bigger side). The sword is fantastic! Also, did your wig come he way it was? I mean the ponytail is very different than many I see.

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