Tips for Asuna cosplay [session 01/ English]

\(^▽^*) Hello everyone ! Long time no see !  (*^▽^)/


I promised you some tips about my Asuna‘s cosplay from Sword Art Online, so here it goes !
This article is just about some tips I used, it may not be the best way to do it,  I just want to share some ideas for new cosplayers,
or people who want to do this cosplay, but have no idea how to make it !
It’s my first armor, and it’s not the best trust me XD

To start :  (,, ・∀・)ノ゛ here is a reference image for the entire cosplay ( ・ω・)ノ


I) The wig :

I bought it on Ebay, I chose a color between orange and brown ( her color is like milktea ).
I took a wig already styled because I didn’t found the right color without styling so…
Mine is more brown than orange (  but if you watch SAO anime, you can see it changes everytime… So I think even if your wig is a little more orange, it’s okay too ! )

II) Contact lenses and make up :

For the lenses, I use Circle Lens ( came from South Korea ), the model is : EOS J203 New Adult Brown ( also called Blythe eye) I get them from Mem’s Shop ( but I don’t think she ships worldwide… But there are a lot of other circle lens shop in each country I guess ! ) If you live in France, I highly recommend you Mem’s shop ! She is adorable and her products are very good !

( I took this image from google, it doesn’t belong to me ^^ )

For the make up,  I use a black eyeliner ( I prefer a pencil eyeliner or a gel liner )
and I add false lashes ( on the photo I only have upper false lashes but sometimes I put lower false lashes too ! )
Here is a make up video by Bubzbeauty ( I really love this girl ! She’s so talented and pretty 🙂 ),
I do almost the same make up, except that I don’t really apply that much of powder ( or it depends of the cosplay ).
But I use the same method to put my eyeliner !

( If you want to, I can make up mini "tutorial" or "tips" video to show you which product and how I use it for my cosplay ! But if people think there is no need, I'll not do it XD )


III) The pieces of armor :

It’s not my specialty, because it was the first time for me to make armor.
For the french guy, I used this tutorial :
A big thanks to the guy who wrote this tutorial !!

For the other, I’ll try to explain it in english :/ [ sorry, my english isn’t that good…]

So, at first, you need some thick and thin craft foam.

I used this : ( it’s kind of a rug for yoga XD )

You can buy this at a sport shop I guess… 

And this : ( in french, it’s « créamousse » )

I guess you can find that in the creation’s shop… It’s like a paper made in foam, for the children !

Step 1 : You have to put a piece of your « yoga rug »  into the oven ( about 30 sec ) and it have to soften ( please follow the images of the french tutorial )

Step 2 : when it’s done, you have to take it out of the oven, and apply it on something to shape the form of your armor ( like the guy of the tutorial did ), for me I used my sewing model, I put it on the floor and I applied my craft foam on it [ when I took out my craft foam out of the oven, it was a little hot so be careful ! It didn’t melt so I could shaped it without gloves, but as I already said, it’s my first time so maybe I didn’t do it right ! I’ll try again later =) ]
If you failed, you can try again with the same part of foam.

Step 3 : When you have done this, you now have the shape of the armor, now you just have to custom it ( cut the board )

Step 4 : The painting ! First I used Gesso for the armor to get smoother, it’s like a base. Then I used white acrylic to paint the armor ( be careful, don’t touch it if it’s not dry, you’ll have to do it again and it’s very annoying ! ). When it’s done, I used a white spray paint to give a smoother and cleaner effect ( it’s better if you wear a mask because these things stink and aren’t healthy at all ;____; )

Step 5 : When you have finished the painting, take your thinker foam ( créamousse ) and cut it into several bands  ( about 2 cm ). Then, fold in half like that :

Then stick it on the part of armor you just made and paint :

Step 6 : When you have finished to stick all the pieces of armor, cut the créamousse into little cross to finish the custom ( add what is missing to complete the armor )

Step 7 : And finished the armor by painting the board and the little customs with silver paint ! 

And you’ll get something like this :

And you’re done !!! This may not be the best solution, but it’s the way I did,
some people asked me to explain them, that’s why I did this article about some tips to help newbies ! =)
Of course I’m not a pro, it’s my very first time so I can make mistakes !
If you have any advise to give me, don’t hesitate to comment of send me a message 😉 

That’s all for today ! Next time I will try to give you some tips to make/sew the costume !

 ヾ(^∇^) See you next time and have a nice day !! ~~ ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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